Ceiling Signs

Suspended ceiling signs & hanging wayfinding signage are designed to show the way, helping prevent confusion in your place of business. Our sign company offers one- or two-sided hanging ceiling signs that are easy to install and are fully customizable.

The great thing about custom drop ceiling signs is that they take full advantage of underused branding and advertising areas. They are perfect for applications where wall space is limited or where wall signs won’t be effective. Suspended hanging signs tend to grab more attention and can position your important messages in a strategic manner. They also show that your business cares about the safety and convenience of your visitors. Suspended two-sided ceiling signs, for example, are visible from both directions, so people know where they’re going no matter where they are coming from!

Hanging ceiling signs are widely used in schools, retail establishments, and sports facilities, but they can be used in virtually any setting. Our Arizona sign experts can help you come up with creative solutions for all your visual communication requirements. We proudly manufacture durable signs that can hang for years yet are simple to install. All you need is a ladder and a few minutes!

Ceiling Signage Ideas for business in Surprise, AZ

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