Wall Murals

One of the best ways to impress customers and motivate employees is by adding something unique like 3D wall murals. Just about any type of wall mural can transform your space by incorporating meaningful images or messages designed to align with your business. Whether you’re a dental practice looking to add some warmth and color to your walls or a restaurant hoping to impress new customers, there are wallpaper murals options that can be created specifically for your business needs.

Businesses should know that custom wall murals are a cost-effective way to enhance branding, cement corporate identity, boost employee morale, and build customer relationships. No matter what industry you’re in, Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs know how to make better use of your walls and turn them into a communication tool to help you grow your business in Phoenix, AZ. Some options to consider include:

  • 3D wall murals.
  • Peel and stick wall murals.
  • Removable wall murals.

Wall murals are extremely flexible and versatile, which means they are a great way to amplify promotional messages and announcements without needing permanent signage. Adding removable wall murals during a specific time of year or to highlight a certain product can be exactly the strategy needed to grab the attention of your customers.

From small peel and stick wall murals to total wall takeovers, some top ideas for using high-quality murals for business include:

  • Promoting products and services.
  • Recommending products that are best suited for your needs such as 3M vinyl wraps or carbon fiber wraps.
  • Professionally installing your wraps.
  • Sharing information on how to properly care for your wraps or graphics to help maintain their look and longevity.
Beautiful custom wall murals in Surprise, AZ

Wall murals for business can help amplify your brand by including your logo, slogans, or imagery to further augment your message. Why not add a 3D wall mural in your lobby area or enhance your hallways or meeting rooms by adding simple peel and stick wall murals? From medical offices to hospitality venues and educational centers, wallpaper murals can improve just about any type of commercial or professional space.

Custom wallpaper murals designed by Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs stand out thanks to the sharp lines and bright, saturated colors we create. Whatever your need, our team can work with you to create decorative wall murals that reflect your brand and your company’s personality. In addition to creating unique murals wallpaper to enhance your space, ask us about skillfully installing your murals to ensure that there’s no bubbling, creasing or peeling. From removable wall murals to a large 3D design, Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs of Phoenix can create what you need when it comes to making the most of your wall space.

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