RV Wraps & Graphics

Are you exploring some great views in an RV that isn’t as great to look at? It may be time to get an RV wrap. Many RV companies leave unattractive finishes and designs on their RVs. Or, you may be looking to change your RV or motorhome design to something more personal, that develops your personal brand or matches the social media accounts you have for your trip. Or, you may simply want a plain look for your RV, that isn’t as distracting as your current look. Whether you’re parked or driving in Surprise or Phoenix, we can help you get the look you want for your RV or motor home.

What Can My RV Look Like?

RV vinyl wraps are completely customizable, so your RV can look any way you like. These vinyl wraps are made of the same quality material you’ll see on car wraps and truck wraps. Which means that you have just as many options as businesses creating wraps for their brands. You can use any color you like, add texture, graphics, text, and even high-quality images. Check out our gallery to see some examples of possible wrap designs.

What is The Wrap Material?

It’s a thick vinyl that protects the paint beneath it and can be removed without damaging that original finish. This means that if your RV is a rental, the company may not mind you placing a wrap on it, as it should protect the initial look.

The RV graphic material is also extremely easy to clean. You don’t need any special solutions or soaps. You also don’t need any special equipment. Just dish soap, water, and a very gentle cloth will work. Harder scrub brushes can damage the wrap. So can pressure washers. So, just stick to basic cleaning materials when you’re getting off the dirt you’ve collected during your adventures.

Choose Howling Wolf for Your Custom RV Wraps

Every kind of businesses can benefit from car wrap advertising. Wrapped vehicles or cars with added graphics will attract attention as you naturally go about your day. Car wraps work for you in all weather conditions and publicize your business wherever you go, making them a smart long-term marketing investment. Additionally, tools like car window stickers and car decals not only help you increase business and brand awareness, they also help improve customer perception and confidence. It’s time to start using vehicle wraps from Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs in Phoenix to spread the word about your business and begin building the brand recognition you need!

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