Pylon Signs

Pylon signs have proven to be a sure fire way to capture the attention of anyone passing by due to their significant presence, height and stature. This type of sign will easily draw attention to your business location and works exceptionally well to elevate your logo and brand message above any obstructions. If you’re looking to stand out in your community, a custom pylon sign may be just what you need.

In simple terms, pylon signs are freestanding structures that can be single or double sided. Typically supported by one or two poles, custom pylon signs are made using an aluminum or steel frame that can be completed with either a rigid or flexible sign face.

Great reasons to choose pylon signs include:

  • The ease in which graphics can be modified.
  • The face of the sign can be reconfigured for different size inserts for different needs.
  • The option to be illuminated or not. Illuminated signs can highlight your business 24 hours a day, which may be the right choice for you, depending on your specific business operations.

Custom pylon signs grab people’s attention from far away. The earlier you can grab someone’s attention, the higher the probability that you’ll motivate them to engage with your business. Pylon signs are smart business tools that make it easy for people to find your location, which is a critical component of being able to grow your business and attract a bigger audience. For those businesses located on Phoenix busy roadways or non-descript industrial parks, pylon signs can be the difference between being distinct and being ignored.

Some of the best options for creating exceptional pylon signs include:

  • Full color high resolution graphics.
  • Cut vinyl lettering.
  • Neon borders.
  • LED digital displays or changeable message boards.
  • Multi-tenant design.
  • Using a covered pole to improve visual appeal.
Pylon Signs

Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs of Phoenix can create professional and well-crafted custom pylon signs for your business. All of our pylon signs are customized based on your specific needs resulting in an outdoor sign solution that will meet all of your expectations. Starting with a free estimate, we’ll work with you to finalize all the details, including installation and permitting. The sign experts at Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs can assist you with repairing an existing pylon sign or create a new pylon sign to elevate your brand awareness and help your business be seen.

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