Outdoor Business Signs

Custom outdoor signs are the best way to reach new audiences, generate leads and grow the brand. A large selection of exterior signs means you will find the right sign for your needs. Work with our designers to create attractive signs that draw attention and increase engagement.

From small yard signs to large building-mounted signs, we design, build and install all types of signs.

Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs is the go-to outdoor sign company in Phoenix, AZ. We offer fast deliveries and our responsive team makes getting signs for your business easy. No wonder real estate agents, law firms, local businesses, marketing companies, condominiums, educational institutions and others prefer us! Talk to a representative to discuss your requirements.

Types of Exterior Business Signs in Phoenix, AZ

The size, location, messaging and style of signs have a big impact on their effectiveness. Choose the right sign for maximum impact. We employ cutting-edge printing and modern fabrication methods to create quality signs.

Don’t see the outdoor signs you are looking for? We can custom create any type of sign you want, with LED, neon and halogen lighting options. Choose metal, wood, glass, acrylic or vinyl for your sign.

Signage Made Easy

We are committed to making getting signage as easy as possible. Our team works with you to understand your requirements and offers suggestions based on that. Every element of the sign is personalized to your specifications and we are not satisfied until you receive the results you expect.

Our commitment is to turnkey service, timely sign delivery and affordable signage. When you come to us for your signs, our team will:

  • Make an on-site inspection
  • Take measurements
  • Suggest design and installation options
  • Build, install, and maintain the sign

Did you know LEDs in outdoor lighted business signs consume a fraction of the electricity of traditional lighting setups like neon and halogen.

Why Choose Us?

Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs has earned a reputation in Phoenix, AZ for quality workmanship and competitive prices. Our signs last longer than the competition’s too, meaning you get a greater return on investment. Discuss your requirements with us today and discover how powerful a marketing tool outdoor signage can be.

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