Make Your Business More Noticeable With Business Storefront Signs

Commercial storefront signs in Phoenix, AZ
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Storefront signs are a quintessential aspect of any business. They tell people where you are located, whether the store is open, project brand and showcase promotions and events. Getting the storefront window graphics and business signs right is, therefore, extremely important. In fact, in these times of Covid-19, business owners are using signage to promote physical distancing best practices and advertising their online offerings too.

If you want to make your business more noticeable to passersby and existing customers, business storefront signs are a great place to get started. A FedEx survey revealed 64% of millennial small business owners believe creative signs are more effective at promoting the store.

Keep reading to find out how custom storefront signs can help make your business more noticeable.


Signs above the front door, window graphics, and portable signs like A-frame signs are excellent advertising tools. They serve the same basic principle as billboards, projecting your brand prominently in the local community. Even better, unlike billboards you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars every day to rent them.

Confidence building

The perceived quality of a sign and storefront window graphics makes a huge impression on potential customers. Drab and standard-looking signs will lower their opinion of the store while smart signs will raise it. The right signs will build trust with prospective customers, a very important factor in converting them into paying customers.


Standing out from other businesses on the main street is easier said than done. Creative business storefront signs help cut through the clutter and establish a distinct presence. The use of colors, portable signs and blade signs all help customers identify the business more easily.

Promote online

COVID-19 has prompted many businesses in Phoenix to transition at least part of the business online. With business owners entering the digital fray for the first time, window graphics and signs outside the store are helping bridge the physical-digital divide. Existing customers are discovering they can place orders on online stores, while others are noticing the extra effort the business has put into providing uninterrupted services.

Return on investment on signage

Signs are one of the most cost-effective forms of promotion for a business. Storefront signs are relatively inexpensive, and portable signs and window graphics are often changed by business owners regularly. When designed by a team of expert sign builders, they can last reliably for years.

Best business storefront signs

At Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs, we don’t see ourselves as just another Phoenix sign shop, we want to be great partners for your business. Our signs are affordable, built to your specifications, and we work with you to deliver them on time. It’s why real estate agents, florists, convenience store owners, banks, boutiques and many other businesses trust us for their signage. Talk to a representative about your requirements.

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