Impress Your Visitors with Eye-Catching Lobby Signs

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Office lobby signs bookend a visitor’s time at your premises. When they enter, when they pay, and as they leave, they will see lobby signs. Safe to say, then, the lobby plays a disproportionately important role in leaving a first and lasting impression on visitors.

Reception signage can uplift décor and brand space; it can also set the stage for a great impression. Keep reading to find out how you can impress visitors with eye-catching signage in the lobby. We also discuss some custom sign options that you can use in your entryway.

How do lobby signs impress visitors?

Custom signage in the lobby conveys a lot to visitors. It is far more than just a branding exercise that identifies the business.

Personalized experience – Visitors note immediately when a business has made an effort to make its own space. When businesses shift so frequently, office lobby signs give a sense of solidity and permanence.

Branding – Signs establish brand identity concretely and demonstrate the business is brand proud. Signage is one of the best ways to start building brand awareness from the first interaction itself.

Enhance ambiance – Signage is not something that must stick out like a sore thumb. Businesses match coordinate sign design and décor to create a cohesive atmosphere. Attractive signs can even become the centerpiece of the lobby.

Types of signs to include in the lobby

What sign works best in the lobby? That depends on the amount of space you have, your business, and the nature of your industry. Creatives companies prefer completely customizable signs to manifest their designs; on the other hand, professionals use signs to convey character. Here are a few types of signs that you can consider for your lobby:

Digital lobby signage – Digital signage is all the rage at the moment. Affordable, easy to install, and easy to change messaging, digital lobby signage is the right option for many businesses in Surprise, AZ. Show photographs, custom graphics, and videos on displays.

Channel letter signs – Three-dimensional letters with myriad lighting options; these are some of the most elegant signage options available. Signs are entirely custom-designed, and business owners can create some truly unique designs.

Signboards – These are raceway signs (mounted on a backboard). The sign itself displays the name of the business and the logo. Though their configuration limits customizability, they are a relatively inexpensive option.

The choice of material – metal, wood, acrylic, foam – has a profound impact on the sign’s look and texture. At Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs, we work with all types of businesses in Surprise, AZ to design, build, and install reception and lobby signs. Speak to a representative to discuss your requirements. An expert team makes quality signs affordably.

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