How to Create the Perfect Custom Storefront Signs for Businesses?

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If you’re looking to catch the eye of prospects in your area, business storefront signs can help. They are powerful tools for creating a positive first impression. Better yet, they can encourage passersby to come inside and do business with you.

When professionally designed, produced, and installed, motorists and pedestrians will be sure to notice your signage. Below are five key ways to create these signs in a way that makes the most impact.

1) Use an Easy-to-Read Font

Passersby will only have a few seconds to read storefront signs for your business. Elaborate and fancy fonts could be hard to read with only a quick glance. Instead, focus on using fonts that are easier to read. Also, avoid overusing all caps and ensure the lettering is not crowded. Keeping signage simple will ensure more people are able to read it.

2) Choose Contrasting Colors

In addition to font style, colors have a huge impact on the readability of your business storefront signs. Contrasting background and font colors will help your text stand out. For example, choose the light-colored text on a dark background or vice versa for maximum readability. For similar colors (such as yellow text on a white background), outline the text with a border or drop shadow to improve visibility.

3) Stand Out from the Rest

In addition to the size of your sign, a compelling design will help it stand out. Lighting is another tool that can help with visibility. Take a look at your competitors’ signage for insight. You may consider choosing different colors, sizes, and/or lighting styles to help give your custom storefront signs an extra edge.

4) Tie into Your Brand

One of the best things about custom storefront signs is that they can be completely personalized. Generic signs are unlikely to represent your brand and tell prospects what your business is about. Instead, with custom signs, you can create a positive first impression with a unique, branded design.

5) Work with a Professional Sign Shop

To create the highest quality, professional signage, a local sign shop can help. They can assist with recommendations on color, font, size, and more factors that will help your signs get noticed.

If your business is located in the Phoenix, AZ area, Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs can help. Our skilled team is based in Surprise, AZ, and we can recommend the best storefront signs for your business.Contact us now to speak with a sign specialist in Surprise, AZ, for a free consultation.

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