How Outdoor Signs Can Help Your Business Grow

Custom channel letter signs in Surprise, AZ
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Whether you’re a new business or you’ve been around for decades, growth is always a good thing. Getting more brand awareness, more customers, and even opening new locations is great for your business. One marketing tool can help you accomplish all of that and help your business grow in other ways: exterior signs.

Custom outdoor signs are a powerful tool that can support whatever goals you need to accomplish to grow your business. Here are just a few ways exterior signs can help:

1. Boost Your Brand Awareness

Custom outdoor signs can be designed to match your existing branding exactly. You can choose large, lit signs to make your brand as visible as possible to those passing by, increasing awareness of your brand.

2. Make Your Storefront Stand Out

How do you deal with competition that’s just down the street? Make your exterior signs eye-catching, drawing attention to you instead of your competition. For this purpose, choose to switch up signs frequently, as novelty is most attention-grabbing.

3. Announce Sales and Events

More people would attend your events and take advantage of your sales if they knew about them. Strong outdoor signs can alert anyone driving or walking by that you have a sale they need to check out. Seasonal-themed signs are particularly effective at drawing the crowds.

4. Make Your Location More Visible

Are you tucked behind some trees, or worse, another building? Outdoor signs can act as wayfinding signs that direct customers into your building. We can use arrows or give specific instructions to make sure those who are interested in visiting your building or finding your parking lot, don’t get lost along the way. Wayfinding signs are especially important if you’ve just opened. 

5. Change Your Brand Image

Have you become dated or has your brand had a negative press? A change in outdoor signs can help you change your brand image when you need to. Work with a talented designer to make sure your signs reflect your new look properly.

6. Connect With Customers

Outdoor signs can do more. Those with room for longer messages can ask questions, tell jokes, or send out heartfelt messages. A detailed outdoor sign is a smart way to connect with customers.

Start Growing Your Business With Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs

The sign experts at Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs can help you choose the best outdoor signs to support your business goals and keep your brand growing. Contact us today to get started.

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