How Monument Signs Solidify your Brand

Commercial monument signs in Phoenix, AZ
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If you are struggling to establish your brand and want people to be more aware of your presence, you need to know how monument signs can elevate your identity and heighten your visibility.

What is a Monument Sign?

Let us first identify what a monument sign is. It’s a free-standing sign that is installed at ground level and offers a direct line of sight to commuters and serve as navigation aids to parking lots or access roads that lead to your business. Businesses that are far from the main roads can further benefit from these conspicuous signs because they help people locate a particular business establishment.

There are various features and design options of monument signage that make them versatile. You can even have them customized so your brand stands out in a multi-tenant complex or a busy street. Typically, they are positioned near entrances and streets so customers can easily see them. Furthermore, there are many advantages to using monument signage to establish your brand. 

A monument sign is perfect for:

  • Displaying your business information
  • Promoting business offers, discounts, or specials
  • Providing a convenient way to give directions to your business
  • Expanding your brand’s reach
  • Show updates, announcements, or holiday messages

Increased Visibility

A monument sign provides clear visibility to people passing by. Most customers can’t locate a business establishment due to poor or lack of signage. Since they are large enough, monument signage can be easily seen from a distance. When you install a custom monument sign, it can help introduce more prospected customers to your business. It informs them that they are in the right location. For example, if you’re located in Maricopa County and people see a monument sign that says “Welcome to Surprise” with your business logo on it, they know that they are close to your location. Soon enough, locals and frequent visitors will associate your brand to your city.

Highly Customizable

A monument sign can be used for various purposes depending on how they’re customized. This custom monument signage can serve as a landmark, navigation tool, and you can also use them with an LED message board. The possibilities are almost endless, which is why it pays to be working only with the top-performing sign companies in your area.  

Maximize Your Marketing 

Customized monument signage can reach more people than newspaper or radio ads, advertising your business 24/7. Every business owner knows how costly it is to run an ad on radio or even social media especially if you extend it to an entire year. A captivating monument sign with your company name and logo, on the other hand, provides you round the clock advertising. And because these hard-to-miss pieces of advertising materials are so durable, they will outlast print, radio or social media campaigns by several years.

Contact the Sign Experts in Arizona

A monument sign combines architectural and graphic designs that everyone passing by will see and remember. If you want to make the most of your investment, work only with trusted and experienced sign manufacturers. At Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs, we pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and the highest quality products we provide our customers with. Not only do we make sure you get the best results but we also see to it that you achieve your business goals.

Call us today to speak our sign specialists and get a complimentary quote.

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