How Custom Storefront Signs Can Enhance the Look of Your Business and Draw Attention

Best storefront signs custom made by Howling Wolf in Phoenix, AZ
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Marketing in this day and age has never been more challenging considering that tons of brands are popping up and creating a name for themselves. Although digital marketing tactics have taken the nation by storm, traditional location marketing is still effective and necessary, especially for brick and mortar businesses. Custom storefront signs are one of the most important types of signs that you need to invest in order to pique the interest of consumers.

The Impact of Captivating Storefront Signage

Brand Recognition and Reinforcement

Custom storefront signs can help with your company’s overall branding strategy. A highly-visible and professionally-made sign can pique the interest of those who are walking or driving by the establishment. Research indicates that 85% of your customers work or live within a five-mile radius of your establishment. In other words, they are probably exposed to your signage fifty to sixty times each month. Although most of them won’t visit your store, shop, or facility instantaneously, you’re able to imprint your brand in their subconscious. In effect, there’s a higher chance that potential customers and patrons can remember your company if they need a product or service that you offer.

Competitive Advantage

Custom business signs can help your company stand out from your competitors, especially those that are located near your establishment. In a study conducted by FedEx, 76% of American consumers claim to have entered a physical store, office, shop, or facility simply because signage caught their attention. Your business can have similar, if not better, results as well. Make sure that your signage is visible even from a distance. However, the size and layout must compliment your physical store, shop, office, or facility. Otherwise, it can look a bit distracting and out of place. If you want to take it a step further, you can also illuminate your sign using LED lights so that it can be seen 24/7.


Storefront signage serves as identification for your company. You’re also able to claim the location since people, especially in your local community, will eventually associate that area to your brand.


Unlike digital marketing campaigns, billboards, and other forms of time-sensitive advertisements where you have to pay for slots and market reach, custom storefront signs can benefit your company for years. In other words, you’ll be able to effectively capture the attention of consumers so long as you’re still in business. This is why it’s truly important to work with a reliable sign company that is able to produce and install high-quality and hardwearing business storefront signs. Also, storefront signage has the least cost per thousand when compared to other modes of advertising. On-site signs have a $0.2 cost per thousand impressions whereas newspaper has $2.81 and television has $9.82. In fact, the value of one signage equates to twenty-four full-page newspaper ads.

Choosing the Right Sign Company for You

No two businesses are alike, each has its own unique needs and objectives. When it comes to looking for an effective sign solution, therefore, it is crucial to work only with the top-performing sign company in your area.

Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs is one of the top-rated sign companies in Phoenix and Surprise, Arizona. We help businesses achieve their marketing goals through custom storefront signs and other types of signage. Get in touch with one of our sign specialists today to learn more about great storefront signs. Contact us today to receive a free quote.

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