How Channel Letter Signs Improve Brand Visibility

Custom channel letter signs for business
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Three-dimensional channel letter signs used outdoors are a great marketing tool for businesses. They convey professionalism, are appealing, and offer excellent visibility. No wonder they are a favorite of businesses in Phoenix, AZ.

In today’s competitive marketplace, outdoor signage in particular must rise above the noise to reach its intended audience. In this article, we look at how custom channel letters improve brand visibility and tell you about the different types of channel letter configurations.

How channel letter signs improve brand visibility

There are four fundamental ways in which channel letters improve brand visibility. These are:

1.            Increase reach

2.            Creative designs

3.            Illuminated business signs

4.            Perfect for social media sharing

Increase reach

Whether installed above the frontage, hung under an overhang or installed atop a building these signs are extremely visible and noticeable. Letters are not only three-dimensional they are very striking too, turning heads like nothing else. Illuminated signs can completely transform the ambiance of the surroundings too.

Creative designs

Channel letters truly are customizable. The designer has fine control over the style, font, color, lighting and installation of the sign. It can be made to reflect the theme of the business creatively and add real value to the brand.

Illuminated business signs

Lighting is a quintessential sign feature and three-dimensional letters and symbols make great use of lighting. Modern LED systems are incredibly flexible and can be incorporated neatly. Outdoor signs such as channel letters are also available in a plethora of lighting configurations, making them ideal for all types of applications.

Perfect for social media sharing

Vibrant and interesting signage transcends its basic purpose and becomes an ‘artistic installation’, something people want to take selfies in front of. Cool designs are fodder for social media consumption and don’t be surprised if hundreds of people congregate in front of signs to take pictures for their Insta stories or YouTube channels.

Types of channel letters

There are four basic configurations of channel letter signs.

Front-lit – These are ‘standard’ signs where each individual letter or symbol is constructed as a free-standing box. They are normally made of metal or plastic and the light shines through a transparent or colored face.

Backlit (halo-lit) – These are opposite of what front-lit signs are with an opaque front and an open back. The light shines from behind the sign onto the mounting surface and creates a halo effect.

Front and backlit – Signs can also be front and backlit, which means lights of two distinct colors shine through the front and back of the sign. They are the brightest type too.

Open-face – Like front-lit signs illumination is through the front but there is nothing covering the front of the sign, giving a deep three-dimensional look. Looking to create engaging indoor or outdoor signs for your business in Phoenix, AZ? Talk to a representative at Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.

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