Guide Your Customers the Right Directions with Floor Graphics

Custom floor graphics for business in Phoenix, AZ
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Navigating unfamiliar spaces can make any feel anxious or even frustrated. If you are running a huge business space, consider an honest appraisal of your signage. You must make sure and you are making use of every type of sign that can add value to your business. And signs such as custom floor graphics and decals help give your customers the most convenient experience.

You may have the biggest and most complete commercial complex with a variety of offerings, but you will drive away customers if it is daunting to navigate. People will hesitate to visit your establishment if they are inconvenienced by constantly getting lost.

Floor Graphics Surprise AZ

Custom Floor Graphics as Effective Directional Signage

Imagine a parking lot with no indications or signs to tell which direction traffic should flow. It would be a nightmare to navigate and there’s a good chance you wouldn’t want to go back if you had other options. Even places that attract a lot of foot traffic use a lot of floor signs, such as airports, bus terminals and malls. This is a carefully planned signage system, maximizing every available space to provide direction and ensure a hassle-free experience for visitors.

Floor signs are effective because of their placement. While overhead signs can be good in most cases, floor signs are essential for businesses with vantage points and lots of open spaces. Even a simple dark arrow on a white floor will provide effective way finding. Multiple colored lines will offer that much more utility. In fact, floor signs are essential for fire safety and fast evacuations too.

Floor Graphics as Powerful Advertising Tools

You can take advantage of floor decals by using them not just to guide customers, but also to gain some valuable exposure for your brand. For instance, some businesses use custom floor graphics to announce promos, sales, and store openings. This is a great way to utilize large open spaces such as parking lots, lobbies and hallways with high ceilings and even small, confined spaces such as elevator floors.

When planning out your floor signage, you can think of the floor as a canvas. The best thing about these signs is that you can get creative! By making use of catchy fonts and colors, you can create material that is not only attractive, but also has great recall value.

How to Make the Most of Your Floor Graphics

When it comes to floor graphic design, it pays to think ahead. Find the right location for your floor signs and make sure you play to your audience’s interests. Getting the call to action right is essential to effective signage.

Size also matters. How far of a distance do you want people to see these signs? If you expect them to see your graphics from afar, you can enlarge them, so they look more imposing. Paired with the right amount of text and colors, you will create floor decals that stand out and leave a strong impression on people.

Contact the Best Floor Advertising Experts in Arizona

Stay on top of your game by properly utilizing every space available to beef up your marketing efforts. This is something our team of experts at Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs can help you do. We will help you assess which parts of your establishment can be converted into formidable advertising spaces that will in turn convert traffic into sales. We can also help you choose the best floor advertising design and other business signage solutions to maximize your utility and promotion. 

Get in touch with us and receive a complimentary quote.

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