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Consumers are bombarded with all kinds of marketing messages daily. As a result, many are desensitized to common marketing ploys that businesses use. Therefore, marketers are always on the lookout for newer and better ways to advertise, turning to innovative products like floor graphics as well as peel and stick, removable wall murals to enhance their signage solutions.

Custom floor graphics and decals are adhesive substrates much like vinyl car decals used for car wrap advertising. Instead of car windows, hoods, and bodies, they are applied to the floor to help enhance advertising and direct foot traffic.

Businesses That Commonly Use Floor Advertising

Custom floor decals/graphics are perfect for event venues, trade shows, conferences, as well as regular retail environments. These impressionable advertising tools offer a unique way to market your brand, product, or message. Cuastom floor signs can be applied to various kinds of surfaces – from concrete to asphalt, and even bricks, tiles, carpets, and other kinds of floor surfaces. Vinyl floor graphics and decals are designed to withstand heavy traffic, making them cost-efficient options for seasonal and even permanent advertising.

Choosing The Right Material For Vinyl Floor Decals

When it comes to floor advertising, there are a wide variety of choices to go for; including theme-based graphics, removable floor decals, temporary floor graphics and more. But before finalizing the materials to be used, the most important factor to be considered is whether they will be installed indoors or outdoors.

When the requirement is for indoor floor graphics, a basic vinyl can provide enough sturdiness to withstand interior conditions. To make the job easier, it is recommended to keep the floor smooth and dust-free. Some materials offer slip resistance as well.

For outdoor floor graphics, in most cases, the surface is rough, uneven, and made from concrete. Also, the stickers placed outside have to face the rough weather conditions and that’s why, a thick vinyl is required as a base to produce these graphics.

Benefits of Custom Floor Graphics And Decals

They are a smart and effective way to catch the customer’s attention. The creative possibilities are endless, you can get them made in any shape, size, or design. Some of the major goals that vinyl floor decals help businesses attain are:

Branding: With floor graphics, you can gently remind your customers about your brand without distracting them from what they are doing. They add to the visual aesthetics of your facility and leave a mark in the memory of the visitors.

Highlighting Promotions: As one of the most looked upon areas in any facility, floor graphics help businesses to highlight promotions and upcoming events. It could be a huge floor decal at the entrance of the store, or a series of small decals spread out across the facility.

Directions: One of the most common applications for vinyl floor decals is guiding visitors in the right direction. There are so many creative ways to make it happen. The small floor decals can be carved into many different shapes and guide people to their desired locations.

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