Experience the Impeccable Performance of Elevator Safety Signs

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Elevator safety signs and graphics play a critical role in keeping people safe in your building. They serve many benefits, such as making your elevators easy to use, wayfinding, and providing safety warnings and reminders.

With ADA-compliant signs, you can take measures to ensure that people of all abilities are able to understand your messaging. This shows that you care about safety in your building and are working to improve each person’s experience.

Below is an overview of why these signs, including elevator floor signs, are important for businesses.

Help People to Use Elevators

You can help people with their everyday elevator use with two types of signs. The first is identification signage placed next to the elevator and inside. This helps to label your elevators. The second is wayfinding signage that points people to the elevators. This can be placed in your lobby and hallways as a helpful guide. You can even use elevator floor signs to communicate details such as load capacity.

Provide Direction in Emergency Situations

Other signs are useful for directing people to an exit in an emergency. If they are not able to use the elevator, this signage will point them to stairs or an exit. This is critical to communicate during any type of urgent situation within your building.

Achieve Compliance with ADA Guidelines

There are many elements to consider for elevator safety signs when it comes to ADA guidelines. This includes braille, raised tactile characters, and non-glare high-contrast lettering. These elements can assist people who have visual impairments. Plus, to accommodate those using wheelchairs, you will want to include a symbol.

Communicate More Information

For buildings or businesses with more information to share, elevator digital signage is useful. With these signs, you can provide real-time notifications. You may choose to display important property details or even the weather. You can also enhance the rider experience with engaging media using elevator digital signage.

If you’re looking to learn more about elevator signage for your building, contact Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs. We are located in Surprise, AZ, and are able to serve businesses across Phoenix, AZ. Our sign company specializes in many types of outdoor and indoor signs. We can also create custom signs and vehicle wraps for your business.

Request a consultation now with one of our signage specialists in Surprise, AZ. We can help create signage products and solutions for safety and efficiency within your business.

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