Elevator Signs

Elevator signs and graphics are critical signage tools that establishments must invest in to ensure the safety and ease of use of elevator units as well as similar areas inside a building. These signs act as safety warnings and reminders about the safe use of lifts and similar types of machinery within establishments. They serve as wayfinding tools as well as informative signs that help users stay safe while riding elevator units.

There are various types of elevator signs. Some indicate the location of elevators, while others serve as notices for passengers who are allowed or unauthorized to use the machines. You can likewise have elevator signs made to indicate the maximum load capacity of an elevator unit or to warn passengers about the dangers of using the device during emergencies.

Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs is the best sign company to supply your business with high quality signage products and solutions to help create a safe and efficient establishment. Our sign shop specializes in indoor and outdoor signs including elevator signs and directional signage products, as well as mobile sign options like car signs, truck wraps, and car window decals.

Elevator floor signs in Surprise, AZ

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