Truck Wraps

In today’s ultra-competitive business landscape, standing out from the crowd is essential. Having well-designed and executed custom truck wraps and graphics can be the key element that maximizes your marketing success. When you make use of effective truck wraps and decals, you’ll experience a significant difference in your branding, visibility, and bottom-line.

Due to their size, trucks offer a large and exciting advertising opportunity, however, it’s not always easy to cover these huge flat surfaces effectively. Thankfully, Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs knows how to support small- and large-scale companies and work with them to create visually impressive truck wraps and graphics that stand out in the minds of potential customers. In many cases, vehicle wraps are a smart alternative to traditional outdoor advertising. You’ll still get an impressive reach but won’t be saddled with having to worry about permits and availability.

Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs has the expertise to wrap a truck or an entire fleet of trucks to facilitate wider exposure and better branding. Working together, we can customize your truck wraps and to suit your specific requirements and your budget.

Businesses can have their company logo, phone number and website displayed on the hood and doors of the truck cab. For those interested in larger decals, these can be placed on the side space of the truck. Truck decals are an affordable solution for those with limited budget. You’re still able to cover certain portions of the vehicle by making use of decals, cut vinyl lettering and images, while not incurring the full expense of a complete wrap.

Custom truck wraps ideas

Truck wraps typically cover the entire truck body, although some prefer a partial wrap only. Quality 3M vinyl is installed on the sides, back and front, and can be paired with cut vinyl graphics for the truck cab. One of the most ideal things about truck wraps is that you have a large surface to use to grab people’s attention. Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs knows how to make the most out of this opportunity and creates wraps that are easily visible with a clear message and an undeniable visual impact.

Whether you want a full wrap or some strategically placed truck decals, Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs of Phoenix is ready to work with you to create powerful visuals. Leave it to us to create and apply truck decals that will deliver maximum results and help you build your business.

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