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Monument signs serve as critical pillars for business establishments. They usually come in the form of a freestanding outdoor structure that marks the entrance to corporate campuses, retail centers, medical facilities, churches, apartment buildings, housing developments, schools, community centers, entertainment complexes, and other such types of commercial or business structure. Finding a sign company in Phoenix that can build your customized monument sign is a critical business decision that can affect the way that your business is perceived by your clients, visitors, and potential business partners.

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At Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs, we can help your organization build a sign that perfectly embodies what your business is all about. We are a Phoenix sign company offer a comprehensive array of monument sign making options to suit the needs of various business establishments. We offer a wide variety of materials like concrete, stones, bricks, and finishes like wood, metal, illuminated combined with modern technology to ensure we surpass expectations.

Types of Monument Signs

Architectural Monument Signs: If you are looking to communicate what customers can expect from your business or you want to establish your brand to the passerby, architectural monument signs are the right choice for it. They are most suited for luxury hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, theme parks and more.

Digital Monument Signs: Any business can benefit from 24X7 visibility and if you want that for your business too, nothing beats digital monument signs. They can be used to display multiple messages at the same time while providing the flexibility to change or control the message being displayed from a remote location via a portable device.

Pylon Signs: If your business is located roadside and you want to grab the attention of people walking or driving by, pylon signs are a great choice. They are tall business signs that can catch customer’s attention from a distance allowing motorists the time to decide whether they want to engage with your business or not.

Outdoor Directory Signs: Promoting your business is not the primary purpose of these signs, they are are more inclined towards guiding the customers in the right direction. They are commonly used at large facilities like shopping malls, theme parks, residential communities, and more.

Post and Panel Signs: They are the affordable alternative to outdoor directory signs and can be used as temporary signs as well. Post and panel signs have the brand’s colors, tagline, and logo to remind the audience about the brand. Different material choices are there depending on where they are to be placed.

We can design and fabricate architectural building signs, post and panel signs, pylons, outdoor directory signs, as well as digital display and graphics signs to help your business establishment stand out and increase your foot traffic. Call us today to ask about our range of sign making offerings, which includes indoor and outdoor signage solutions, including car wrap advertising services and products like vinyl car decals and car signs.

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