Custom Car Wraps: Get a New Personality for Your Car

Charlotte car wraps
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Vinyl-wrapped cars stand out wherever they go. Whether you are a business or an individual, a vehicle wrap will have heads turning for you all throughout Surprise and Phoenix, AZ. This powerful visual marketing strategy can help you focus in on your target area, to ensure every potential customer around has some awareness of your brand. Here’s what you can expect from a car wrap. 

Why Get a “Custom Car Wrap Near Me?”

Wraps can bring your business many benefits, including:

  • Professionalism: If you drive to your customers in a plain vehicle, they may not be sure that you are a representative of your business. Having your name and logo on your car offers your customers reassurance that you’re who they’re meeting with and makes you seem more professional.
  • Brand awareness: New and old businesses can both benefit from getting their name out there. As you’re driving around in your car, you spread brand awareness and make impressions.
  • Boost sales: In the end, every marketing venture is about increasing your sales. A wrap can help you do that, by grabbing your potential customer’s attention and reminding them of your products or services.

Common Misconceptions About Vinyl-Wrapped Cars

Vinyl is an incredible material that allows us to put high-quality images and graphics on any vehicle. However, plenty of misconceptions have popped up about vehicle wraps. Here’s what you should know about them:

  • Paint: Vinyl protects the paint beneath it. If you peel the vinyl off, even after years, it will not harm the paint.
  • Leasing: As vinyl wrapping protects the vehicle, most lease agreements allow you to apply vinyl wraps.
  • Look: We’ve all seen a vehicle wrap that we didn’t like. Your wrap design should reflect your brand, your tastes, and not be cluttered or crowded. Sophisticated, high-end designs are possible with wraps, just let us show you.
  • Cleaning: You don’t need anything special to keep your car wrap in good order. There’s no need to invest in a power washer. In fact, you should only use a gentle cloth and hot, soapy water to clean it, or you may rip the vinyl.

 Choose Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs

Looking for a “car wrap near me”? Choose Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs in Surprise, AZ. We’ll help you lead the pack with a personalized, eye-catching design for your car. Speak to a design specialist about our vinyl wrapping services today.

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