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Custom banners in Phoenix are practically the heroes of trade show displays. They are eye-catching, attention-grabbing, prominent, and very straightforward in relaying information about a product, business, or company. In many cases, banners and signs become the first point contact your business gets with your potential customers.

When you have a new product, business, or brand that needs a marketing push, our Phoenix sign company can help you create strong, masterfully designed custom banners that will surely work for your campaign. Custom printed vinyl banner and ads are excellent choices for a marketing tool. They are versatile, flexible, and cost-effective. They can also be customized into any size, type, and form to suit your signage needs. Custom printed banners are virtually limitless in terms of size, portability, flexibility, and design options. They can help your businesses generate the greatest exposure for your brand, products, and services – all at a minimal cost.

Types of Custom Banners

Retractable Banners: They are one of the most common advertising solutions that can be found in many business settings, such as trade shows, entrances, and corporate offices. The reason for their popularity is the flexibility and ease they offer. The vinyl banner is fixed inside the base and can be rolled up and folded back without any hassle. We have multiple placement options for retractable banners in Surprise like tabletops, entryways and more.

Flags: They are very popular choices for outdoor events and roadside businesses. They majorly come in four different shapes: block, feather, teardrop and 3″ x 5″. They are lightweight, durable, affordable, and can be reused for a long time. We offer a wide variety of customization options for our custom printed banners. The most common material used for creating banners is vinyl and if you are looking for something different, we also provide fabric banners.

Pole Banners: They are the common branding options in cities, colleges, festivals, and outdoor shopping malls. These can be seen very commonly and are also used to display wayfinding information about the things nearby. Since they are installed on poles, they require a specific set of hardware brackets for proper installation.

Hanging Banners: They are generally used in interiors as they are not designed to withstand strong winds or any other outdoor conditions. Since they are placed above eye level, they always attract more attention. Hanging banners are used to display navigational and promotional messages.

Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs is a go-to Phoenix sign company for banner advertising and a long list of other signage solutions, ranging from realty signs to lobby signs, and even mobile signs and displays like vinyl stickers for vehicle fleets, truck wraps, and car window decals, among many other types of commercial vehicle wraps.

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