Custom ADA Signs

No matter what line of business you’re in, it’s important to ensure that your shop, office, or store is accessible and safe for everyone. Custom ADA signs can help you do that. Our Arizona sign factory can customize ADA signs of all sizes for different applications!

Every business is legally required to install ADA signage where necessary to ensure that people can safely find their way around the premises. There are also specific rules concerning what colors can be used, readability, lettering, and height. Don’t worry – as one of the leading sign companies in Surprise, we design and manufacture signs that are 100% compliant with the law.

For maximum accessibility, we can create custom ADA signs in high contrast colors to make them visible even low-light conditions while being easy to read for those with visual problems. Choose from a wide range of different colors for maximum functionality and to match your decor.

Our sign shop can also manufacture ADA signs with tactile Braille lettering. These signs are required by the ADA for hotels, restrooms, hospitals, offices, as well as facilities that have snack areas, gift shops, waiting rooms, mail rooms, fitness centers and court rooms.

ADA compliant signs in Surprise, AZ

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