Creative Wall Murals Bring New Life to Your Commercial Interior

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One of the biggest advantages of mural wallpapers is that they can be installed and removed from walls without ruining the paintwork. It means business owners can modify their office space exactly as they want to without having to worry about expensive repainting when they are shifting out of the office in Surprise, AZ.

In this article we will show you how custom wall murals can refresh your commercial interior space and add some much needed practical utility too.

How Custom Wall murals Bring Fresh Energy to Your Space

  1. Promote your brand

Murals are great ‘interior billboards’ for your brand. Instead of blank, bland corridors, install inexpensive graphics to make the space more interesting. Branding the inside of your office is, frankly, the first thing you should do to make it your own.

  • Easy to change

Vinyl graphics go up on walls without a lot of effort and peel off without damaging the original paintwork. It means you can change wall mural decals regularly to keep the space feeling fresh. Even the most inspirational of quotes may seem stale after a few months.

  • Celebrate the seasons

Need to motivate your employees and excite visitors? There is nothing like a little festivity – in the form of wall murals – to really bring the cheer into the office. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or ringing in the New Year, vibrant mural wallpapers can get everyone in the seasonal spirit.

  • Get the creative energy flowing

Wall graphics are artwork and can inspire your employees to be more creative. Break up the monotony of beige and white walls and embrace color and design for your office. Make no mistake, seeing creativity at the business will encourage employees to be more creative as well.

Practical Benefits of Wall Mural Decals

Custom wall murals are not just a ‘heart over head’ decision – vinyl is an incredibly versatile material and offers a lot of practical benefits. Its durability is one of the reasons why so many home and office owners in Surprise, AZ are turning to vinyl decals over paint.

  1. Affordable – Decals are some of the most inexpensive forms of signage around. They are easy to design, print and install. Not only do you save on murals themselves (compared to painting), you can also save yourself the labor cost of having them professionally installed.
  2. Easy to put up – Wall decals are designed to be installed conveniently. The material resists air bubbles during application and the way we design murals makes installation really easy.
  3. Protect your walls – Vinyl brushes off minor spills, scratches and scuffs that tend to embellish paint. Stains can be wiped off with ease. And when the time comes it is a lot easier and cheaper to replace an old mural than repaint the room.

Want something like that for your commercial space? Speak to our designer for creative designs for your office.

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