Bring More Attention to Your Business with Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED Signs Surpise AZ
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Whether you’re a new business or an old one, you can always use new techniques to bring more attention to your way. Grabbing people’s attention, whether they are driving by or walking by your business, can be challenging. There is a lot of competition nearby, so how do you stand out from the crowd? An outdoor LED sign is a great option. These exterior business signs are more attention-grabbing than unlit signs, and you can make them as large as you need to beat out the competition in Surprise, AZ. Discover why these signs are so effective.

Why Do LED Business Signs Work?

The vast majority of the exterior business signs you see in Surprise are LED. This isn’t just the fascia mounted signs or the signs mounted on the outside walls of the storefronts, but also the “open” signs, and various other exterior signs. Why are these LED business signs so compelling for customers?

  • Eye-catching: Lit signs are brighter, and visible from a further distance than non-lit signs. Lighting isn’t all the same, unique lighting options will cast a different look on your sign, drawing more attention to it. 
  • Night-time use: One big advantage of LED signs is that they are still visible at night. This is a big advantage for every business. Those that operate at night need to be able to attract customers in the nighttime, of course. But other businesses still benefit from increasing their brand awareness at night.
  • Energy efficiency: LED lights are energy-efficient, which means that they don’t cost as much to run as you might think. You can afford a big display, without adding much to your operational costs.

Your Lighting Options

Not all lit signs are the same. Light is like any other aspect of the design of sign making, like color and material. You have many options, each of which will change how your sign looks and what impression it gives to your customers. Your lighting choice should work for your sign design and help develop your branding. Here are your options:

  • Outdoor front-lit LED signs: Front-lit LED signs are lit internally, and the light pours out the front. This is the classic look.
  • Outdoor back-lit LED signs: Back-lit LED signs are lit from the back, which gives a completely different look than front-lit signs.
  • Combination signs: We can also create signs for you that combine multiple lighting methods, to create a unique look.

Choose Howling Wolf for Your Exterior Business Signs

Work with Howling Wolf to get an exterior business sign that really works for your brand. If you’re in Surprise or the surrounding area, reach out to us today.


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