Boost Your Brand’s Presence by Investing in Monument Signs

Forest monument signage in Phoenix, AZ
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Though monument signs help expand a business’s presence like any other signage, they are quite different. Monuments have the quality of a landmark and can make a business recognizable in a more meaningful way. Find out how custom monument signs improve brand recognition and help businesses attain top of mind recall – the holy grail of marketing.

How monument signs provide a boost to branding

Visibility – These signs are usually larger than other signs, to be visible for pedestrians and drivers. They are therefore harder to miss and garner thousands of impressions every day thanks to their location.

Confidence builders – Monuments are a sign of solidity and instil confidence in the business. Their stature giving an impression of permanence and longevity. Building trust with prospective customers is half the battle and this type of signage helps you win it.

Highlighting individual elements – A larger sign face means the logo, font and colors are larger too. Each element receives closer attention than it normally would and becomes a recognizable facet of the brand.

Custom design – Monument sign design is completely open to customization. Business owners have a lot of leeway in design and can incorporate a variety of signage styles, such as channel letters, storefront signs, and more. Monuments can also be illuminated using a variety of technologies, including LED lights. Lately, changeable messaging elements have become popular, letting businesses refresh promotions regularly.

Local landmarks – Top of mind recall is the stuff marketers’ dreams are made of and monuments are ideally suited to earn it. They can easily become local landmarks and people start to refer to the area by the business name.

Effective outreach – By their very nature monument signs are placed separate from the business premises and therefore have an exponential effect promoting the brand.

Wayfinding – Monument signs serve a dual purpose of making people aware of your business and directing them to it too. These signs act as clear location markers and indicate the direction to your premises. It’s why they are such popular options at business parks, condominiums, and large campuses.

Affordable signage

Monument sign design includes materials that can withstand the elements, especially the hot sun in Phoenix and Surprise, AZ. That’s why they require little in the way of maintenance and perform exceptionally day in and day out. Modern LED systems too are exceptionally reliable and energy-efficient.

How these exterior signs are used

Signs are a close reflection of the identity of the business that decides to install them. That owners can customize colors, fonts, size, decoration and lighting means no two signs are alike. Before you start designing your sign, ask:

  • What business information do you want to share?
  • Do you want to advertise sales, discounts and new launches?
  • Will it include directions to the business?
  • Will it have a digital element (like a display, clock or temperature gauge)?

Talk to Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs for custom monument signs in Phoenix, AZ. Our team makes getting signs completely turnkey, offering design, build, installation and maintenance of signs.

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