5 Tips to Succeed with Outdoor Digital Signage

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Signage has been revolutionized by the technological advancements of the 21st century. Static signboards are fast being replaced by digital signboards that are opening up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for business owners.

However, as the novelty of digital displays wears off for customers, business owners need to take care to incorporate digital signage displays intelligently into their marketing repertoire. In this article, we look at five tips for successfully integrating digital signage into your business.

Did you know outdoor digital signage can get four times more impressions compared to static signage in the same location!

Learn to use digital signage effectively and you can drive a lot more foot traffic into your business.

1. Follow a standard digital signage display system

Like other technologies, there are a large number of digital solutions available. Though that means choice, it also means incompatibility, tougher workflow, and a harder time using the sign. Don’t end up with a “square peg, round hole” conundrum with your signage systems. Make sure you deploy only one type of system across your locations. The time and cost savings from not having to format advertisements for different systems will be a huge boon.

2. Take the customer journey past your brick-and-mortar location 

Unlike a static sign, a digital sign does not have to be constrained to just promoting a single physical location. Messaging should be designed to promote the business as a whole, drive sales, and build top of mind recall. Another facet is installing the sign at a location where it can be seen all day and all night. After all, signs don’t need sleep!

3. Leverage social media to enhance your outreach

According to a study conducted in 2020, nearly 3 out of 4 people turn to social media when they are looking to make a purchase. Especially with COVID-19, your customer base has shifted online and that’s where you need to engage it. Fortunately, digital signs are excellent for introducing the social handles and hashtags of the business. Strengthen the buyer journey further with social proof beamed live from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

4. Don’t limit your vision to advertisements

Direct advertising may be reaching a peak with the rise of online purchases, reviews, and social media. Outdoor digital signage opens the door to direct touch-controlled interaction with customers. Focus on building engaging experiences and enhancing service to make customers invest time into learning about your products and services. Why not let people place orders from the display itself?

5. Follow up for feedback

Static signage doesn’t give business owners the tools to collect feedback about the business. Digital signboards revolutionize that completely, letting you present surveys and feedback forms before customers. The input is invaluable as is the opportunity to start a conversation with real customers.

Howling Wolf Graphics & Signs is proud to be at the forefront of outdoor digital signage in Surprise, AZ. We have deployed digital signage systems across the city, and work with clients to come up with novel marketing tactics. Speak to a representative to find out how we make getting digital signage seamless for you.

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