5 Tips to Make Wayfinding Signage A Success

Wayfinding Signs In Surprise, AZ
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Wayfinding signs are just what they sound like, signs that help customers find their way. Most businesses have wayfinding signs, but it may not be optimized to direct customers where they need to go. How do you make directional signage more effective? Here are our top five tips to help you when designing your wayfinding signs.

1. Bigger is Better

It isn’t always true that a bigger sign is better. But, when it comes to directional signs, bigger really will help people. A larger sign is visible from further away and stands out more from everything else around it. Remember, when people need wayfinding signs most, they’re in unfamiliar territory. They don’t know where to look. So, make sure your sign big and place it somewhere obvious.

2. High Contrast

Things with high contrast stand out and appear more obvious to onlookers. Therefore, it’s a wise idea for your sign to have highly contrasting colors. A classic example is black and white, but there are many other color pairings that are in high contrast. This is especially important when you have arrows in your sign, so onlookers know which way the arrow points.

3. Don’t Neglect Indoor Signs

Directional signage isn’t just outside your building. You’re used to your building, so you may forget how confusing it could be for newcomers. Lobby signs, office door signs, and many more indoor sign types can help customers navigate your building. If they can’t figure out how to get to your office, for example, they may give up altogether.

4. Most Important First

When you’re designing wayfinding signs, it’s important not to overwhelm people by having too much information on one sign. Try, if you can, to limit your signs to listing three different directions. This can include ranges for rooms, like 200-220, as one “location” on the sign.

When you can’t limit yourself to three locations, at least list the most popular, like the cafeteria, or the most important, like the emergency room, first. That way the sign is most convenient.

5. Ask an Expert

There are a lot more tips and tricks to designing great wayfinding signage. Reaching out to an expert is smart not only to get their advice but to get a fresh set of eyes in your building. Someone who isn’t yet familiar with your floor plan is best able to tell you where directional signage would be most useful.

Choose Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs For Wayfinding Signs

Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs has every type of directional sign you need and can help you make them as clear as possible. Contact us today to get started.

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