The 5 Things Your Storefront Needs to Send the Right Signal

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Are you opening up a new location? Or are you just looking for ways to make your current storefront more impactful? Either way, focusing on your storefront is sure to reap rewards, making your business more beautiful and, most importantly, attracting customers by sending the right signals. Custom storefront signs, and other things, are essential to make your Surprise, AZ location attractive to customers.

1. An “Open” Sign

Of all of the business storefront signs that you need, an open sign may be the most important. If customers aren’t quite sure if your business is open, they often won’t bother to even get out of their vehicle to get a closer look. A lit-open sign can make sure that you don’t miss out on any of this business.

2. A Building Sign

Another contender for the most important custom storefront sign, a building sign announces your brand name so that everyone knows where your store is. There are many types of building signs, such as channel letter signs, awning signs, and more. A sign designer can help you choose which is best for your brand.

3. Information About Hours and More

There is a lot of information that your store needs to be welcoming to customers. You can use business storefront signs to announce your hours and policies. Consider adding signs for mask restrictions and other safety guidelines. These aren’t just to inform customers about guidelines but also to make them feel safe so that they are comfortable entering the store.

4. A Functional, Simple Door

Your storefront does need more than signs to be welcoming! Of top importance is a functional door that isn’t too heavy or annoying to open. Automatic doors are a great option to allow crowds inside or make sure that those with disabilities can comfortably access your building.

5. Clean, Beautiful Space

Sometimes it’s the things your storefront doesn’t have that makes it more appealing. If you have trash, graffiti, or dirt on the outside of your building, then many customers may be uncomfortable walking in, or they may just develop a negative impression of your business that undermines your success.

Make Your Storefront Something Special

Custom storefront signs from Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs will help your business send all of the right messages. We offer many different kinds of signs to businesses in Surprise, AZ. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs.

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