5 Reasons Why Hanging Business Signs are a Must for Retail Businesses

hanging wall signs
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Amidst all the tech-based advertisements and platforms to promote your company, investing in retail signs should never be an afterthought for brick and mortar businesses. Companies from various industries gain plenty of advantages from having professionally-made and installed signs.

Why do Hanging Business Signs Play a Significant Role in Retail Stores?

Store signage doesn’t serve as a mere ornament to a retail store. It needs to be effective in helping the brand stand out, increasing foot traffic, and improving customers’ overall experience and satisfaction. Here are some of its top benefits:


Custom hanging signs help create a name for your business location. Streets, especially in Phoenix and Surprise, Arizona, can be lined up with a ton of businesses. You certainly don’t want your company to be that random store that nobody really knows what’s inside. For your retail store to gain customers, it’s essential that you particularly pique the attention of those walking or driving past by your place. Having high-quality signage that properly represents your business can help attract and encourage them to visit your store. As a long term benefit, your store signage will eventually become a landmark that contributes to the public associating that area to your brand.

Custom Hanging Signs

Brand Reinforcement

Effective branding strategies include tapping into the subconscious of your target market and creating impactful messages that affect their future purchase decisions. Said differently, custom hanging signs reinforce your brand because it reminds existing and potential customers that your company exists and that you carry products that they might need. As an effect, your store gains more competitive advantage and have a higher chance of generating more sales. Moreover, it’s essential that the design of your signage is complementary to your brand’s overall theme. Aside from your brand name, don’t forget to include your logo and slogan to let customers know more about your company and what makes your store different from others.


A great way to display your exclusive discounts and promos is by using hanging signs inside your retail store. Bright and vivid colors with bold text can definitely stir up your customer’s excitement and encourage them to browse more products.


Hanging wall signs can double as directional or wayfinding signage as well. Install them in different areas of your retail store to help customers find certain items that they want to purchase or areas that they want to go to, such as the changing room and cashier. Doing this contributes to your overall customer service since you’re making it easier for them to shop. Don’t forget to consider the Americans with Disabilities Act when having your signs produced. The specifications of this law can be quite tedious to comply, which is why partnering up with a reputable sign company is important.

Get in Touch with the Sign Specialists in Arizona

If you’re looking for a reliable sign manufacturer in Surprise, Arizona that specializes in designing, producing, and installing high-quality and durable hanging wall signs, then better check out Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs. Our team of experts can safely install these signs to guarantee safety and longevity and give you peace of mind.

Give us a call today to receive a free estimate.

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