5 Benefits of Using Monument Signs for Outdoor Advertising

Custom monument sign signs for business in Phoenix, AZ
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A study conducted by Jeff Rexhausen, a former associate director of research for the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati, revealed that businesses who pay more attention to their signs and invest in their design and positioning can reap more benefits than business who don’t. Listed below are five benefits why you should consider investing in monument signs.

Custom monument signs Surprise, AZ

1. Attracts Customers

Motorists and pedestrians can easily notice monument signs because it’s at an eye-level. A study revealed that 35% of shoppers claim that they came to know about a local business because of its outdoor sign. That just goes to show how location marketing or on-premise signs are important for businesses even in this digital age. To make the signage even more attractive and interesting, you can customize them according to your brand’s specifications. You can even take it up a notch by illuminating it with LED. Doing so guarantees you round-the-clock advertising.

2. Increases Traffic and Improve Sales

According to a survey, exactly 50% of in-store shoppers claimed that the reason for their visit is because they saw the outdoor sign of a business. The same study also showed that custom monument signs can drive sales by 9.3%. In another research, it was revealed that the average storefront or location signage is seen 50-60 times each month by anyone living or working within five miles from your business location, and these individuals could be the source of 85% of your monthly sales.

3. Multi-Purpose Signage

Custom monument signs are great for displaying not just your business name, logo, and slogan, but also other important details such as your contact number, email, store or office hours, tenants, website, among other things. These signs also serve as landmarks and wayfinding tools for people who are either trying to locate your establishment or something else nearby. Although they may not automatically choose to visit your store, shop, or facility, there’s a high chance that they’ll remember your company when they need to purchase a product or service that you happen to offer. Plus, it’s a great signage option for both multi-tenant buildings and an establishment dedicated to one company.

4. Customized

Invest in custom monument signs if you want signage that complements the architecture of your building. It helps create a positive and lasting impression toward those who see it. You can make your signage rustic or modern, depending on the materials and design elements you choose.

5. Cost-Efficient

Custom monument signs are intended to be resistant to harsh weather conditions, making them the perfect investment if you want signage that can last for years. They require little to no maintenance since they’re made from hard-wearing materials. They’re also relatively less expensive than other modes of advertising such as billboards, newspapers, and social media advertisements since you don’t have to pay for rent, airtime, and impressions.

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