3 Ways to Design Impactful Vehicle Wraps

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Vehicle wraps are by far some of the most cost-effective forms of out-of-home-advertising that a business can make use of in Surprise, AZ. Other than the relatively low cost of commercial vinyl wraps themselves, a wrapped vehicle has the potential to generate up to 16 million visual impressions annually!

Now, in the age of social distancing, custom vehicle wraps are more crucial than ever. People are spending less time outdoors, making billboards and banners less effective. Instead, wraps have to be seen through the window at the home, office, and in the car. The wrap must be bold, impactful, and effective in the short span it will have before audiences.

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar store making deliveries around the city or a service provider making house calls, commercial vinyl wraps are a great way to be distinctive. Here are three tips that will help you design exciting graphics that generate leads and grow brand awareness.

  1. Clear Goals for Messaging

Vehicles provide a large canvas on which to present the message. For many, this means plastering the vehicle with a cacophony of messages – confusing the audience. Begin with a clear messaging goal: if it is branding, put your logo front and center; if the goal is to generate leads, offer one or two compelling promotions.

Incorporate brand elements into the design of the wrap itself. Include colors from your trademark rather than spelling out your mission statement. A more straightforward message can be more memorable for people, especially when the vehicle is moving.

  • Design first, Then Validate

It is tempting to throw on an attractive design you may have seen in a magazine or on Instagram. Other than potential copyright issues, designs put together in this manner rarely work well. Vehicles are three-dimensional objects with creases and fixtures. A two-dimensional design that looks smart on the screen may not translate once installed.

Have the design validated by a professional once you have it finalized. A designer at Howling Wolf Graphics and Signs will apply the design on a pre-made electronic template of your vehicle to accurately represent the custom vehicle wrap.

  • Large Font and Bright Colors

Try reading a billboard by the side of the road while driving, and you will understand why large fonts are crucial. The larger the font, the further the message is visible.

Bold colors serve a similar function. With most vehicles on the road, seemingly in a grey and blue palette, bright colors make a statement. What good is it to install a wrap if people don’t even identify your vehicle as unique?  

Stop Searching for the “Best Car Wraps Near Me”

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